Autotemp has a commitment to community development and affordable housing projects across the nation.

We understand the expanding role of public and private partnerships in today’s changing landscape. Autotemp recognizes that its professional consulting services bring an essential component to projects that improve sustainable communities.

Story of Autotemp

Founded in 2009 by David Richman, Autotemp continues to provide program development, project management and implementation services to various government agencies, non-profit and for-profit developers. Consulting services also incorporates active contact with legal professionals. Whether you are considering acquiring, rehabilitating or redeveloping a site, Autotemp is able to meet your needs. We offer an unsurpassed level of service. From cost studies, agency interaction, community meetings, and relocation plans to implementation, Autotemp is here to help. In January 2021, Linh Inokuchi became the President of Autotemp, so Mr. Richman can pursue his passion to spend more time outdoors. Ms. Inokuchi is assisted on projects with David Richman as her Counsel, along with ten other associates, most of whom are bilingual.

Our Values


We are driven by passion for our projects – we treat our clients’ goals, along with thos impacted by a project, as if they were our own and are always looking for new ways to help.


Our relationships with our clients and those impacted by our projects are built on trust.


We believe in going above and beyond to provide proactive customer service, finding potential issues and then resolving them before clients need to ask for help.